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    Quick approval 5 minutes
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    Loan amount up to RS 120 000
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    Need only ID number
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    Prolong the loan any time
CashX advantages
The minimum overpayment that makes our product the best option in many cases
CashX is responsible direct lender with a new approach
Simple and quick solution without leaving home in just 5 minutes
Get first online loan within
15 minutes!
Getting the loan is easy!
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    Fill in the application form

    You can leave a request by filling out the form

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    Wait for the decision

    The decision is made in just 1 minute

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    Receive money

    Get money into your bank account

An instant personal loan and an easy to pay online loan scheme
RS 5,000 to RS 120,000 Amounts
From 0% to 2,2% per day Fees (Consulting & Service)
10 days to 30 days Terms

A representative example: You apply for RS. 10,000.00 and choose comfortable repayment over 10 days, your payment will be only RS. 12,200.00 per 10 days, so your total cost of the loan will be RS. 12,200.00

Customer reviews
Rating 5
voted 14
Good service. Their quick and hassle-free loan process helped me meet my urgent financial needs. Highly recommended!
Helped out when money was urgently needed. Returned from salary on time without overpayment. Thanks for the help
This is not the first time I take a loan from this company. Always clear with no hidden fees
I’m impressed by the simplicity and speed of service. Within 20 minutes, I had the funds in my account.
When I urgently need money before salary, I always turn to Cashx. No problem. Everything is fast and safe
Sagara Perera
I am so happier you’re great service. Every times I hot good response and the staff service call centre excellent tooo. Congratulations!!!
Godak hodai oyalage sewawa . asarana wechcha welawaka pihita wenawa godak sthutiiiii
Sachini kosala
Hoda sewawak.hadissiyakadi ikmanin Naya Lana Gatha haki we.

Best staff and quick service

Compared to other services, CashX is the fastest and most convenient. Help out when needed
Cashx made getting a loan so easy !. I applied online and had the funds in my account within hours
Imesha Swarnamali
“I was skeptical about online loans, but CashX proved me wrong. Quick approval process and no hidden fees.
Highly recommend cashx for anyone in need of quick cash
Very good

Get online loan in Sri Lanka within 15 minutes!

Our main goal is to make the process of obtaining microcredit easier and easier for you than ever before! With the help of advanced technologies, we have simplified the process of obtaining a microcredit, and every day we continue to make it even faster and more convenient. With us, you can get a microloan without leaving your home, spending only 5 minutes on it. Just a few simple steps – and you are at the goal! Well, if you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you

Online loans in Sri Lanka are a great way to get the cash you need fast – that quick-that easy. With the advancement in technology, loans online are becoming more and more popular with the advancement in technology. You can apply for a loan online with just an internet connection, a few minutes of your time, and the documents you need to get approved. At Cashx, you can apply online for a cash loan on convenient terms. We’re here to help you get cash when you need it the most.

Qualifications for Online Loan

✅ loan amount:Rs. 5,000. to Rs. 120,000
✅ loan term:from 10 to 30 days
✅ Fees:2,2% per day
✅ loan decision:5–15 minutes
✅ age of borrower:20 to 60 years old
✅ occupation:currently employed or have a steady income
✅ location:Sri Lanka
✅ what are the requirements:National Identity Card (NIC)

Mobile phone

How to get instant loans online?

Getting a cash online loan can be a great solution if you need fast, reliable financing. With online cash loans in Sri Lanka, you can get the money you need to get through tough times and make sure your money is in order.

One-day loans offer a fast and convenient solution for people who require quick money for emergency expenses or other urgent needs.

An online cash loan is the perfect way to get the financial help you need without having to wait weeks or months for traditional financing options.

Learn more about how Cash X can help achieve financial relief!

How can online loans help you out?

A quick loan in Sri Lanka can help you cover unexpected costs and avoid situations that need immediate action. Below are some real-life scenarios where online credit can help you.

Vacationing in a different city

Is it possible to vacation in a different city with not enough ca? You can apply for a mobile cash loan Sri Lanka and get the funds right away with CashX. Wherever you’re located!

Delayed wages and lack of enough funds

Sometimes, a lack of enough funds can be due to delayed wages or unexpected expenses. Having reliable online credit can help you get through such emergencies.


You have a plan for your money, but what if you spend more than you planned? Fast money in Sri Lanka can help you get back on track.

Improving bad credit history

When you have a bad credit history, getting online credit can be the perfect way to improve your credit score. The minimum amount and minimum term will have a positive effect on your CI if you take an online loan at CashX.

Where is the easiest and fastest way to get a fast loan online in Sri Lanka?

In general, the online lending service is provided only by MFOs. Only MFOs can apply for credit. You can apply online, but you need to go to the nearest branch to talk to the credit manager. It can take several working days for the entire registration process there.

But if you need to quickly apply for a credit plan online in Sri Lanka, CashX offers a streamlined and easy way to do it.

This is a good option for people who have bad credit or don’t have a job. Everything is done online and the credit is approved faster than banks. Best of all – CashX offers very competitive fees (Consulting & Service) in Sri Lanka with flexible repayment options!

How to apply for a loan

Welcome to the easiest and fastest loan application in Sri Lanka! Our simple online loan application process is designed to make it as easy as possible:

1. You  should create a private space on the website that is accessible 24 hours a day.


You must complete the form with your personal data. For this, you only need your ID and phone number. Everything is simple! Completing the form takes a few minutes. Plus, you can choose the loan amount and loan term with our loan calculator from the comfort of your own home.

2 Sign the contract lender CashX

Confirm your consent to get an online loan. You will receive the confirmation code via a message via telephone. The loan will be transferred in real-time in the simplest way for you.

3 Get the money

We transfer money instantly to your account in just over a minute! Get up to Rs 120,000 in cash or a loan transferred directly to your bank card. Now you can take advantage of the ease and speed of CashX!

Get our Online Loan to a Card!

You can get a loan put directly onto any bank card – so there’s no extra work needed! Our MFOs have an extensive network of partner banks, so you can be sure that your loan will be put into the card of the bank where you are a customer!

What’s more, we are available round the clock, so applying for your online loan at any hour of the day or night – including weekends and holidays – is a possibility with this great financial service. Get our online loan today and get on the path to financial success faster!

To take an instant loan to a card:

  1. Create your private space on the website for the first loan.
  2. Sign the contract with CashX.
  3. Take a loan

For more detailed information, go to the “How to apply for a loan” page.

Tips for taking Online Loan

When you take an online loan with CashX, there are certain tips and precautions to keep in mind simple and quick process.

Take time to read the credit terms

One of the most important tips is to take your time reading the credit terms that come with this type of loan. This is where you’ll find the details about repayment terms, fees, penalties, and so on- it’s essential that you understand this information before moving forward. Once you’re confident in the terms, make sure to place your application correctly – that way, you can easily be aware of how much needs to be returned, including all fees.

Do not postpone repayment until the last day

Try not to postpone repayment until the last day. Largely as transfers may suddenly be delayed for various reasons and if you miss the payment window, your loan process may be affected. Likewise, you should also make sure that your loan repayment is completely accurate – mistakes in the payment transfer can be problematic, so double-check all payment details before submitting.

Repay the loan either early or in installments

When borrowing from CashX, consider repaying the loan early or breaking it up into installments as both are effective ways to save on overall costs since fees is charged only on the actual balance of the amount. Striking the right balance between paying back your loan quickly and making smart repayment decisions is key to ensuring you make the most out of your loan experience.

Consider commissions when paying off

It’s important to remember that when repaying your loan, you may need to cover the commission fees associated with the transfer. The exact amount will depend on the payment method chosen and whether you have any special privileges regarding commissions. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning out the repayment of a loan taken from CashX.

Do you have any questions?

If you ever have any questions about the CashX services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful customer service reps are standing by on the phone to answer whatever queries you might have. We also have our FAQ page to guide your CashX journey.

Alternatively, use our convenient chat system right here on the website – just start a conversation with our operator, and they’ll be more than happy to provide all the help you need.

So whether you’re a current user or brand new to CashX, find out what we can do for you today.