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An instant personal loan and an easy to pay online loan scheme

5 days to 30 days
Rs. 5,000. to Rs. 50,000
Interest rates
15.8 to 18.1% per month
(maximum APR 216.12%)

A representative example: You apply for Rs. 5,000.00 and choose comfortable repayment over 10 days, your payment will be only Rs. 5,750.00 per 10 days, so your total cost of the loan will be Rs. 750.00 per 10 days.

Customer testimonials


I have taken cash loans from CashX several times. They’re very good, and the customer service is very ... professional. more


When I was suddenly looking for money to buy some parts for the car, I immediately got a loan from CashX. ... CashX is pleased with the service provided. more


For the wedding of my friend I needed a gift, but my payroll was after some days, so I made a loan from ... CashX, the approval of application was within couple of minutes, and after some time I was already buy a gift. more


For the birthday of my friend I needed a gift, but my salary was in a few days, so I got an online loan ... from CashX and bought a gift. more


The bank rejected my cash loan application, I was in need of some extra cash to pay off my bills as I ... had overspent on my kid. more


How to get a profitable loan online?

Having access to the Internet and a bank card, you can get a loan literally in an hour, and without being tied to a place: you can be far from civilization. We will tell you why this particular service is so popular and how to use it correctly.

In what situation will an online loan help out?

Here are some real examples:

  • you need money, but you are away from home (at a dacha, in another city, on vacation);
  • delayed wages and lack of funds for everyday expenses such as groceries or fares;
  • you urgently need to buy something or order a service, and there is no time to go home for cash;
  • you need to quickly improve your bad credit history (if you take an online loan even for the minimum amount and minimum term, this will already have a positive effect on your CI);
  • your entire budget is planned out, all the free money you put aside (for a deposit in the bank), and suddenly “extra” expenses appeared.

In such cases, money is usually needed quickly. And since borrowing from relatives or friends is not always possible on time (and not everyone wants to do it), it is easier to solve the issue with the help of a loan.

Where is the easiest and fastest way to get a loan online in Sri Lanka?

In general, the online lending service itself is provided in practice only by MFOs. Banks have such an opportunity only formally: you can submit an application through the website, but after its preliminary consideration, you will still be invited to the nearest branch, for obligatory personal communication with the credit manager. And in general, the entire registration procedure there can take several working days.

If you cannot wait that long, or for some other reason you do not want to contact the bank (for example you have a damaged credit history, or there is no official employment), you can take an online loan at CashX.

Advantages of obtaining an online loan to a card

Compared to a consumer loan, which is issued at a bank, an online loan in an MFO is better because:

  • you can take a smaller amount and for a shorter period;
  • fewer requirements for the client (we will talk about them more below);
  • you can get an online loan on a card of any bank;
  • MFOs work around the clock, so you can submit an application even at night, even on a weekend, even in the morning of January 1.

Conditions for obtaining an online loan

In CashX, you can receive an online loan on a card if you:

  • Age 20 to 60 years old, currently employed, or have a steady income.
  • Use your personal information, bank account information correctly.
  • The telephone number you will use in the application should be registered in your name.
  • You need to enter a landline number at your place of work.
  • You need to include a photo of your National Identity Card, Passport, or Driving License to verify your identity.

How to get an online loan quickly and easily: a step-by-step scheme

To take a loan online to a card:

  1. Create your private space on the website.
  2. Sign the contract with CashX.

For more detailed information go to the “How to apply for a loan” page.

Recommendations for clients

  1. When placing an application on the right, you will see how much will need to be returned, taking into account all interest.
  2. If possible, do not postpone repayment until the last day. If the transfer is suddenly delayed (and this can happen), or for some reason, you do not have time to send it on time, you will be delayed.
  3. If possible, repay the loan either early or in installments – this is more profitable because interest is calculated only on the actual balance of the amount.
  4. Consider commissions when paying off.

If you have any questions related to CashX services, you can ask them by phone or to the operator on the site.