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When applying for a loan, you usually have to wait: while the application is considered, the documents and credit history are checked, the income is estimated and it is decided whether to approve or reject.

There are times when you don’t have time (or don’t want to) wait, and you need to get money as quickly as possible.

Where are quick cash loans issued online?

You can get a quick cash loan from us – in Cash X.

As for the speed of processing:

  • you receive a response to the first application within 15-30 minutes, from the second and further – in 5-15 minutes;
  • at the first call, the money will be on your card within 1 hour, from the second call and further – within 20-40 minutes;
  • we work around the clock – you don’t have to waste time waiting for the start of the working day.

Can I get a very quick cash loan at the bank?

Some banks issue small consumer loans, which are processed faster than loans for larger amounts. But in this case, you will have to wait much longer than when contacting an MFI.

In the best case, you will receive money on the same day you apply. This is possible if you contact the bank in the morning, and the loan manager is not busy with anything, and will immediately consider your application. But keep in mind that before that, you will also need to spend time getting a certificate of income.

Most often, you have to wait longer at the bank: 1-2 days. And this is if you are not applying at the end of the working week. If you submit it on Friday (even in the morning), the money can be received by Monday-Tuesday.

Therefore, if a loan is needed really quickly, then it is easier to take it from us.

What are the conditions for getting a quick cash loan in Cash X?

Credit conditions are up to 50,000 Rs for up to 30 days.

If you do not have time to return the money, you can always extend the term of the agreement without damaging your credit history and without additional penalties.

What do you need for registration?

To take a quick cash loan online, you will need:

  • Age 20 to 60 years, employed status, or have a steady income.
  • Use your personal information correctly.
  • The telephone number you’ll use in the application must be registered in your name.
  • You need to enter a landline number at your place of work.
  • You need to include a photo of your National Identity Card, Passport, or Driving License to verify your identity.