Cashwagon loan

At the moment, Cashwagon has suspended cash and online lending in Sri Lanka. However, you can get credit and a better customer experience by contacting CashX. Below we will compare the terms that Cashwagon offered and the terms we offer to our clients.

Age, employment20-60 years old, have a steady income20 to 60 years old, currently employed, or have a steady income
Sum and terms3-6 month, Rs. 5000-5000010-30 days, Rs. 5000-120000
Fees rates15.8 to 18.1% per month (maximum APR 216.12%)15.8 to 18.1% per month (maximum APR 216.12%)
TelephoneThe telephone number you will use in the application should be registered in your nameThe telephone number you will use in the application should be registered in your name
Photo VerificationYou need to include a photo of your National Identity Card, Passport or Driving License to verify your identityYou need to include a photo of your National Identity Card, Passport or Driving License to verify your identity

As we can see, the requirements for clients and the issuance process are the same, our service is more profitable for short periods, and also makes it possible to get a large amount under 0% if you are a new client of the company.

In the CashX company, we are ready to give an online loan to virtually everyone. If you have financial difficulties (delayed wages, unforeseen expenses, etc.), and your wallet is empty, you can safely contact the MFO. A loan without refusal can easily be taken even by those with whom banks refuse to cooperate.

MFO Cashwagon issued a loan online in the amount of up to 50,000. It was required to return the funds in up to six months. We issue up to 40,000 for up to a month.

Finance is provided around the clock. Requests are considered automatically, the transfer of funds occurs almost instantly.

A loan in Cashwagon could be obtained:

  • With a bad credit history
  • Without guarantors
  • Without official employment
  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Before salary for any needs (consumer loan)
  • With 0% fees

And in CashX, a loan will also be provided for any need. The lender will not ask unnecessary questions. You can take finance if you plan to purchase household appliances, pay for medicines for expensive treatment, or have the opportunity to buy a last-minute discount ticket. Do not postpone resolving issues until later.

How do I apply online to Cashwagon?

As we already mentioned Cashwagon has stopped operating all over the country, so use the service from CashX. To get the required amount, you do not have to visit the office of a microfinance organization, languish in queues and wait a long time for the result of the check. You can fill out an application on the website. A convenient mobile version can also be used, which is intended for smartphone owners.

By visiting the MFO website, you can use an online calculator and determine the optimal loan (by amount, term of use). I must say that a microfinance organization helps to solve various financial problems. You don’t have to strain loved ones, go to a pawn shop or sign an agreement with a banking institution.

The algorithm of actions for potential customers will be as follows:

  • using Internet access, fill out an application on the website (you must honestly enter your personal information);
  • wait until the decision is received (even debtors, unemployed, etc. can count on approval), usually, it takes no more than 8-10 minutes;
  • get money to the card A

A cash loan will be provided at any time of the day. The speed of crediting the agreed amount depends on the issuing bank of your card.

If the company refused to provide assistance, the support service will explain why this happened and how you can fix the situation. For example, frequent refusals are caused by the dishonest filling of the proposed application form or an accidental mistake.

How to repay a loan in Cashwagon?

Cashwagon has provided various ways to pay off debt, they are provided on the official website of the company. The borrower is free to choose which one is most convenient. The main thing is to return the money to the creditor in a timely manner so that there is no debt. You can:

  • at the nearest bank branch (it is important to have the details for making a payment).
  • pay a loan through mobile banking or using self-service terminals;
  • top up the account using the E-Wallet;

You can extend a loan in Cashwagon on the following conditions:

  • prolongation of the loan for up to a month;
  • tariff, as in normal use;
  • convenient submission of a request (allows you to extend the loan through the terminal, personal account, or by phone).

In addition, credit restructuring and a grace period of 3 days are available. It is important to notify the lender of payment problems so that there is no delay. This will allow you to avoid penalties.

Why was it worth taking a loan from Cashwagon?

The benefits of working with this microfinance organization were obvious. Customers note the following benefits:

  • Anonymity. No calls or letters to relatives, colleagues, and business partners.
  • Minimum requirements. You can borrow the required amount, even if you have a bad credit history, do not have official employment, or have already taken out several loans from banks.
  • Honest and customer-oriented policy.
  • The right to get a loan without fees for the first time.
  • Confidentiality. Your data will be protected from unauthorized use.
  • Convenient application and debt repayment. The service is intuitive, even for those who are not “friends” with computers and the Internet.
  • Prompt provision of assistance. The MFO values the time of those who approached it. A high level of service, the use of artificial intelligence, and technical support are guaranteed.
  • Loyalty. You can participate in the loyalty program and receive virtual points, which will allow you to get a discount next time.

All there benefits are true for loans online in CashX as well.

Promotions Cashwagon

During the period of work, the site had a special offer of fees-free credit in the amount of up to 15,000 for new customers. CashX offers an fees-free loan for new clients for any amount!

Cashwagon loan