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Previously, in order to obtain a cash loan, one had to go to the branch, stand in line, and provide paper documents. Now – everything can be done online without leaving home.

What are the advantages of applying for a cash loan?

It is worth taking a loan through the Internet, because you

  • can apply from anywhere and anytime (even if it is night and you are at the weekend, far from the city);
  • you save time on the way to the department and back, and on possible waiting in line (at best, this can take an hour, in large cities – more);
  • getting money on a card, you do not have to go with a large amount of cash with you.

In addition, some people just feel uncomfortable if they need to personally communicate with a manager about getting a loan.

Do cash loans issued in the banks?

Yes, but with a few requirements:

  • you have a card of the exact bank you are applying to;
  • you are officially employed, and the bank already has an income statement submitted recently;
  • you have already taken out a loan from this bank, and you have done it recently.

In such cases, some banks are accommodating and allow you to get cash loans online without a personal visit to the branch. But in other cases, you will definitely have to go to the bank in person.

Where is the fastest cash?

At CashX.

Disbursement of loans in cash is our main specialization. We do it much faster and easier than in a bank, and we refuse much less often.

We work around the clock – so you can get money even if you need it right now.

Terms of issue

You can get up to 50,000 Rs from us.

The return period for both new and regular customers is up to 30 days. There is also a rollover – the ability to extend the loan period if you realize that you do not have time to repay the loan on time. When you renew, you will not be charged increased penalties.

In what situation can a daily cash loan help out?

For example, if:

  • you went on vacation with friends, did not calculate the budget, and you ran out of funds in the midst of the fun;
  • tickets appeared on sale (no matter where – for a train, concert, plane, bus), and they urgently need to be bought before they took the best seats;
  • your salary was delayed/a bonus was not given/the customer was deceived, and there is not enough money for basic expenses, such as buying groceries;
  • something needed to be urgently repaired – from a smartphone to a jacket;
  • a tooth ached (or some other health problems have arisen, and an urgent need to buy medicine/pay for diagnostics/treatment).

Or if any other situation has arisen, for the solution of which money is urgently needed, but they are not available. Or they exist, but there is no “access” to them (for example, they are on a deposit or are kept in cash at home, and you are in another city).

What are the client requirements?

Any adult citizen of Sri Lanka who has a NIC, passport and driving license can take money in CashX. You do not have to work officially – we do not require a certificate of income (nor do we require a surety or a pledge).

How is money issued to the card?

Like this:

  1. Create your personal space on the CashX;
  2. Sign the loan contract with the company.


How can I get a free loan online?

It’s important to note that loans generally aren’t free, as they come with interest and or fees. However, you may find promotional offers from lenders that waive certain fees or offer low-interest rates for a limited time, like on CashX.  To find such offers, research various online lenders, compare their offers, and select the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that even with promotional offers, you’ll still need to repay the loan principal.

How can I get an online loan?

To get an online loan, choose a reputable online lender such as CashX, create an account on their website, and follow the application process. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and provide the required documents for a successful application. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your account or bank card.

How can I get an instant loan?

To get an instant loan, apply through an online lender like CashX that offers quick loan approval and disbursement. Follow the steps to apply for an instant loan. Ensure you meet eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents for a smooth application process.

How can I apply for an online loan?

To apply for an online loan, visit the website of a reputable online lender like CashX, create an account, and follow the application process. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents and information for a successful application.

How can I get a loan easily?

To get a loan easily, follow these steps:

  • Research various lenders, such as banks, microfinance companies, and online lenders like CashX.
  • Compare loan offers, interest rates, and eligibility criteria.
  • Ensure you meet the qualifications and have the required documents ready.
  • Apply for the loan, either online or in-person, and wait for the lender’s decision. If approved, sign the loan agreement and receive the funds.